In the light series PULL an industrial aluminum cans closure in a thousand different ranking hand is woven into a decorative semi-translucent lampshade. The ecru-colored fabric-covered inner screen donates pleasant, warm white light. The E27 lamp socket allows operation with energy efficient bulbs.
The screen forms of PULL are available in 3 versions (rectangular, oval and round) and standard available in 2 sizes each.
Through the manufactory production process, we can also implement special sizes and special requests.

» Overview PULL-Series


» Hängelleuchte – oval
» Hängelleuchte – rund
» Hängelleuchte – rechteckig

The light object 360 is composed of 2 semi-spheres, which are connected to a sphere. The spotlight, for NV bulbs have a magnetic base, and the 12V supply is connected through the separating shadow of the two hemispheres. The hemispheres are auditable and easy to open. The spots can be magnetically attached to any arbitrary point on the sphere. Thus, the 360 ° solves the light areas downlight, uplight and spot problems.
360 ° is optionally available in white powder coated, copper, or nickel.

» lighting object

The suspension lamp SEAMLESS developed from the desire of the same slim fluorescent tube T5 seamless with masked version pedestals to design a functional housing. The horizontally designed parallelogram, each takes 3 bulbs to 14W or 21W in either.
The lamp is extendable from 60 - 180 cm and rotatable through 360 °, so that the light of this lamp can always be corrected.
Optionally available in the finishes white or petrol powdered and polished nickel, by hand.

» Hängeleuchte

This lamp series’ special design feature is its sliding lattice grate construction. This enables the light to be focussed exactly or to be dispersed. The shapely and timeless lattice design is a feature that has made this patented lamp a modern classic.

All the lamps in the fleXXXibile series are extendable. Additionally, the drop lamps are variable in height. The wall-mounted lamps can be swivelled horizontally.

» Overview fleXXXibile-Series


» Drop Lamps
» Wall-mounted lamps

This lighting series consists of drop lamps that can be adjusted in height, length and inclination. They are available in two lengths: piCCCo and eCCCo.

Both models feature a sliding lattice grate construction with movable satin white Lexan shades, through which the light flows softly and warmly. The result: the lamp becomes a decorative light object.

» Drop Lamps